Advance congratulations #zkswap #rebranding

Designed to tackle scalability issues, Layer 2 solutions are secondary frameworks or protocols built atop of this base layer that can function independently while remaining anchored to the security of the main Layer 1 chain. Layer 2 solutions use various techniques to connect to the Layer 1 chains, including Optimistic Rollups, ZK-rollups and Sidechains. Each solution is implemented differently, and this has implications in terms of performance, security, and decentralization.

Apart from the above DEXs, many other DEXs like Synthetix (Optimistic Rollups), Compound (Optimistic Rollups), and Bancor (Arbitrum) are also using or planning to adopt Layer 2 solutions as AMM and liquidity mining become increasingly popular. The competition for these projects only becomes fiercer each day.

ZKSwap as the first DEX Choice. Now they are add nft features. It will be huge soon. So the suggestion is change its name to Zkland. It indicate nft marketplace also.
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