Best of luck for rebranding and my opinion #zkswap rebranding#

We know ZKSwap remains the same as Uniswap V2 . However, as ZKSwap implements the zkRollup technology, its system consists of four components: on-chain smart contracts, an off-chain ZKSwap server, a Zero-knowledge proof system, and a front-end user interface.

On-chain smart contracts: On-chain smart contracts are used to store the tokens that the users deposit while keeping updating the Layer 2 status and proof. These smart contracts are the connector between off-chain and on-chain.

Off-chain ZKSwap server: The ZKSwap server has the mission of processing all transactions off-chain. Here is how the process goes:

  • Every transaction request will be put into the ZKSwap mem pool.
  • Afterwards, the Swap Engine will conduct the transaction. The transaction types are the same as those of Uniswap.
  • The Block Proposer will roll-up the transactions and create a new block.
  • The State Keeper will update the status on Layer 2 and transfer it to the Commiter.
  • The Commiter will get in contact with the Prove Server, receive the relative proof and then send both the status and the proof to the ZKSwap smart contract .

In that case i think “Wobble” is a good name for rebranding. Wobble stand for move to move form side to side. And zkswap moving in a new era. Where they will provide more features to its users. Soo…