Congo for V3 version and nft launch #ZKSwap V3 #Nft

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to share our nft journey and all knowledge about nft trading, i am really glad to be part of this . I learned from artist Jason Bailey that you shouldn´t make it scarce… Picasso didn´t either… I don´t want to make it scarce because I want to have as much collectors as possible… to build a community who is invested in my journey… most important goal for me is to build a community… of course I love sales… but back in the days I played in big arenas without staying in touch with the community and I won´t make that mistake again… for the physical part… I would love to but that would at this point too much to handle for me… maybe if I have enough sales I could hire somebody to take care the logistics… but not planned for the moment. I will try to create my art on Zkswap L2 version nft. Thanks

The wallet address: 0x10a232d4dF3770F0A351Eca58544e8B085F753Cc