Expect from our favourite dex #ZKSwap V3 NFT#

My personal experience :blush:
I actively involved in nft from pancakeswap. I brough 3 pancakeswap nft for 24bnb. Somedays i sold my 1 nft 130 bnb. More than $35000. I also have 2 nft which is worth 300 bnb but i decided to hold those nft. Because it has usecase more than that it cute and unique.

Vision : undoubtedly nft has a great vision. It has many use cases like farming, staking etc. In future it will more valuable than gold (of course it’s my personal opinion)

Expectations and suggestions : I am really happy that zkswap finally launch V3 and solve tge nft gas fee problem. My expectations from zkswap please adjust low buy sell fee as low as possible. And add voting for listing new nft it will increase the nft demand.