Expect from V3 version #ZKSwap V3 Nft#

I am unable to post with Videos😢

I am a painter and digital artist. I started my painting a long time ago. live and work between Verona and Shanghai.
I love the history of art and the whole world of Japanese manga anime from which I drew inspiration to create the protagonist of all my art, JonnyBoy, a character design that allows me to relate the viewer with his inner child.
I deeply love Hayao Miyazaki and her work has changed my life.
I am still immersed in those fantastic worlds and every day I am inspired by that atmosphere.
I have a workshop where I make my paintings and sculptures together with my collaborators.
Until march I have been working exclusively with galleries, doing exhibitions and joining fairs. The top accolades I am proud to have accomplished are: the inclusion of my works in a Sotheby’s auction and being exhibited in a collateral event of the Venice Biennale.
In march, I entered the NFTs space with my first drop on OpenSea which made me their march Spotlight artist.
The features i personally expect from zkswap is
Creating Listings : that will give a right to customers to develop and send collectibles. Ensure they can do that quickly and with no obstacles. Generate a page where customers can submit a file, typing in the specific item data. Such info as title, tags, and description is a must.

Listing Status: Those who offer goods and pass item verification procedures should benefit from this option. It allows checking the status of the confirmation procedure. This feature is useful for implementing collectible verification.

Bidding Option : Making it possible to both purchase items and bid on them is critical for any e-commerce project. It attracts more users as some are interested in flexible pricing and do not wish to buy collectibles at their starting fees. Bidding is always fun. Do not forget to add an expiration date for an auction feature. Registered participants should have an opportunity to see information about the current status of their bids. It will help them decide whether to buy or keep on placing new bids. An auction watchlist is like a separate important feature.
Thank you