Expect from V3 ZKswap #Zkswap V3 Nft#

Congratulations for Successfully launched V2 version. And advanced congratulations for V3 version of ZKSwap. For every Dex V3 is really need for Greater success. We already saw in uniswap V3 version. After launch v3 they gain more success
My nft journey are not so old. At first time i just wonder why people spend millions only for a single picture? Then i started researching about nft. Of course throughout my research history youtubr was my best teacher. Then i realise that 1million is not too much. It shoud be 10-15 millions. Nice to see that zkswap trying to solve nft gas fee and launch a marketplace with zkbox. Although nft has facing some major problem in current time i think with zkswap v3 it will be solved.