Experience and expectations from V3 #ZKswap V3 Nft#

Nft trading experience : I first start trading nft on opensea 6 month ago. It was a great experience. Basically i am an sclapper who brought nft on cheap price and sell it on high price :wink: currently i am using newly pancake nft marketplace and binance nft marketplace for trading nft.

Vision : nft vision is so clear this is the future of art. In future all physical artwork will be vanised because people will be depend on online. And there is a great opportunity to show their artwork to anyone from blockchain.

Problem than solve :wink: currently nft marketplace facing many problem. One of the problem is high gas fee. With v3 that will be solve.

Expectations : please add some quality content and invite some popular artist.this will be great. Because people always love quality content

L2: 0x585092A6DBe2429559E43E619B7aE9A0DC78C13C