Feedback about nft and others things on v3 #V3 Testnet feedback#

It is great honour to be part of this great revolution. Really enjoyed the testnet. The experience was so awesome. The ui of zkswap was super cool and smooth. The wallet festures of zkswap is so good. It takes only one minute to swap any token. There are no delay on swap. Also it not need to any gas for swap. Anyone can swap on zkswap without any gas fees. That is really nice. I also test the nft. I minted my first ever nft via the help of zkswap in just Twenty seconds. For minting there are no special permission required. It just need the one permission after confirm anyone can mint nft on Zkswap. For buying any nft you just need one click to confirmed it on wallet. So this is also a great features. On marketplace there are a variety type of NFT’s available. But there are no filter option available on the marketplace. This is really not a great sign. I think there should be an filter options. So anyone can find their nft on marketplace easily. It will also help to reduce the time of buyers. So i think this is necessary to add this features asap. Also there are no option to mint multiple nft at once. So i think this featutes should add on v3. This will reduce the minting fee of an artist. As an artist i really want to see this feature on zkswap. So i can mint nft package on zkswap. Hope team will looks into this and allow us to mint multiple nft at once and sell it on marketplace. Also if the nft showing option increase for Mobile users that will be great. Currently only support 12nfts on marketplace. Hope the numbers will increase soon. Thank you very much for giving us the chance.

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