Feedback about swap, pay, ming and nft #V3 Testnet feedback#

Nft one of the most hyped things in current blockchain industry. This is the revolutionary thing in crypto. Many project already focus on these things. Many corporate level companies have already launched their nft on blockchain. Some of them are twitter, pepsi and also unicef will launch their nft to help people soon. So undoubtedly this is the future. Without nft no project will shine in the blockchain industry.

Thank you zkswap to realize that lately i think zkswap still have chance to prosper in this area. With the help of nft zks will fly in the sky.

Here are my experience :

Got 100 zks and usdt from the faucet and tested it on testnet. The ui of testnet looks amazing. It is eye Catching. Hope the ui will remain the same in mainnet. I saw in the wallet option there are some bugs on it. The value of zks was innocent. Hope this will be solved. Testing the swap features it was so fast no problem facing it.

Not the most waiting thing the nft marketplace. Marketplaces for mobile users are not good. The pc version is ok. On mobile it shows only 10-12 nft at once . It should show more than 30 nft with 3-4 nft in 1 column. It will help to decrease the time of finding nft of buyers. The profile section was super cool. I bought, sold and minted my nft in 1 minutes that was so exciting. Also if the filter option available on mainnet it will be great. It will help user to find their nft easily. I also think there should be a bidding option available on mainnet because it will decide the Original value of an nft. And the seller will get the highest price for their nfts. Hope team will consider it. Thank you very much.