Go to the moon with nft #V3 Testnet feedback#

Finally Nft is here. I am proud to be part of this. As a zkswap lover this is like my birthday for me. NFT’s market cap value has been increasing fast and went ten-fold between 2018 and 2020. In 2020, the worldwide turnover of NFT marketplaces was $350m. Now it reaches almost a billion market cap. So I think zkswap is in the right direction. Nft is really necessary for any project. I test nft features but i think there are some things missing on V3. Here are the reason why i think zkswap missing something. Consumers should get complete information on products they need urgently, without effort. The NFT marketplace app should contain every product arranged with some features (for example, art, images, music, videos, memes). Faster search boosts client satisfaction.but here i didn’t find any option. Only search via id available. Where i get those? While we are all anonymous? Hope this problem will be solved on the mainnet. Nft marketplace must allow customers to buy and provide NFTs recorded on the platform. Their offers should include a bid validity date and enable them to see information on those offers’ current status. But there are no option to put a bid option on nft and there are no options for auction. I think this is really necessary for the nft marketplace. Only fixed rate is not everyone. Users should have the right to auction. This will increase the value of any nfts. This is the best way to judge a nft’s quality. Hope the team will soon add this feature on v3 when it is launched. Users will be able to buy nft via bid and artists will get the original value of their NFTs. Good luck for the team hope we will rise again and go to the moon soon.

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