How do cryptocurrency exchanges make money?

> Trading Charges

Users pay a commission for placing buy and sell orders on a cryptocurrency exchange.

> Listing fees

Binance and Coinbase’s certain 24 hours trading volume is $17.44 billion and $3.64 billion .and moreover, these platforms have listed around 405 and 159 coins. and also charges fees to list coins in the crypto exchange platform. These fees depend on factors such as the background of the issuer, market capitalization, and financial statements over a period.

Deposit fees****strong text

Deposit fees are collected when users transfer their fiat currencies like US Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR) to the crypto exchange.

> Withdrawal fees

Users need to pay a set amount for withdrawing funds from the cryptocurrency exchange.

> Fees for initiating Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading

In OTC trading the investors undoubtedly transfer cryptocurrency. Sometimes this can be a good profit within a specific period.

> Market Fees

It is similar to marketing a token or coin. It’s like them adding value to the cryptocurrency based on the market they have.

Listed above are the Business Model Of Crypto Exchange Platforms through which admins earn money. You can also launch your own crypto exchange & be an admin to earn passive income via all these listed ways. Thus purchase Cryptocurrency Exchange Script from Bitdeal - a cryptocurrency exchange development company and launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform.