I am very glad to have NFT on the platform! ( #ZKSwap V3 NFT# )

I am very glad to have NFT on the platform! :man_dancing:

I found out about the event held by ZKSwap and am very happy to participate in it. I decided to write a short post, because I have experience in interacting with this field and have been actively participating in the ongoing processes in the NFT industry since last year :muscle:

I became an unwitting observer of how the NFT ecosystem has grown tenfold in a year and attracted a huge amount of attention from different strata of society. Let’s figure out what the usefulness and relevance of this technology is.

NFT allows you to digitize interaction with any virtual and physical goods. A thing that is unique due to its characteristics and cannot be formally replaced with exactly the same is considered non-fungible. A currency is a classic example of an interchangeable asset. Any bill is equal to another bill of the same kind. There are much more non-fungible things. The phone, car, sneakers are also unique, although initially they were no different from others of the same model, but in the process of ownership you made them unique. This is how NFT works, a digital certificate that represents a unique object. Since tokens are stored in an open and distributed blockchain, information about this product, its owner and the history of transactions with this product will always be available and reliable. We can attach any digital object to the NFT, such as an image, video, audio, etc. Tokenization adds a lot of useful properties to any digital product that increase the value of this product.

CryptoKitties - the first non-fungible token hit

CryptoKitties - the first non-fungible token hit

I believe that this technology has a huge future and the hype that was formed this year is just the beginning of the way. The fact is that at the moment, in 90% of cases, NFT is used to give uniqueness and confirmation of belonging to the author of works of art. A kind of registry. In fact, there are a huge number of areas where NFT is just beginning to be applied. Currently, the narrow scope of the technology is one of the problems. And there are really many options for their application:

  • Games
    Now it is the largest sector of the digital economy with a lot of absolutely non-fungible items. Work in this direction is actively underway, but the market is in its infancy.

  • Metaverses
    These are virtual worlds that give a sense of presence in space and time, social interaction, as well as the opportunity to participate in the virtual economy of the world, which has a great impact on the community that makes up this virtual world

  • Collecting
    Collecting is also a part of digital art. But there is a difference. Collecting is more like numismatics or baseball cards.

A natural option for the development of the crypt area, which is associated with NFT, is the scaling of Ethereum using layer2. What is so good about layer2? This is an add-on that works outside the Ethereum network and it works many times faster, which makes the user’s experience with the platform more comfortable. It also allows you to make the payment for production and operations with tokens practically free. And this is very important, because, for example, in games with a token, several changes can occur in one game session, which must be processed in the blockchain. To be honest, layer2 solutions currently have no alternatives in solving a number of problems of a large and cumbersome, but reliable blockchain.

In conclusion, I would like to add that NFT technology allows you to digitize and make it easier to interact with any product. Ownership, purchase, sale, confirmation of originality. Tokenization adds value to the product, and NFT is the main trend in the blockchain in 2021. This technology has already revolutionized art, games are next. Digital Art is just a step towards adapting NFT. Through a beautiful, understandable sphere, this technology will soon enter all others: real estate, shares in companies, loans, etc.

Also I attach my wallet number 0x923e8921A2B35052238C09e5200c5E00d6f67cDc