I am very glad to take part! ( #ZKSwap Rebranding# )

ZKSwap V3 has all the necessary set of functions and technologies for using NFT, DEX, SWAP without paying for gas using layer2 solutions. I think we will soon find out about some fresh update and the addition of new features, because the changes from V1 to V3 are happening so fast.

I am glad to take part in the rebranding event. I’m a bit into marketing and that’s why it’s especially interesting to me.

I want to make a proposal for rebranding and changing the name to Viame. The main functions of ZKswap are related to operations in layer2, which avoids problems in the Ethereum network. The user does not want to incur additional costs and asks himself the question - how can I avoid this? through what should I do it? The answer is simple: Via me!

Even those who don’t work in marketing have probably heard of “branding” and “brand” at least once. For many, the meaning of these words lies in the logo, corporate colors and the creation of a website. In fact, the concept of a brand is much broader.

It is very difficult to gain trust and loyalty to the brand. Having a brand is the result of a long-term work of the company, in which parts of the life of managers, founders and developers are invested. The participation of the community in this process is also important. Creating a brand is a small part of the main task of the enterprise. It is necessary to be able to keep the brand level. But I’m not worried about that, I believe in the ZKSwap team and I’m looking forward to the news. :muscle: The ZKS team (although I probably need to say the Viame team now =)) will give the world a truly high-quality product for cadogo with the release of V3!

I attach my wallet number 0x923e8921A2B35052238C09e5200c5E00d6f67cDc