I wrote a post about NFT in honor of #ZKSwap V3 NFT#

Mad Dog Jones is currently the most expensive Canadian artist alive, although he sold his first work of art only in 2021.

In Replicator you can see the printer standing there. This happens for a reason. In fact, this NFT creates a new NFT every 28 days. Eventually, the printer will produce from 180 to 220 different NFTs, which the buyer can simply sell. Thus, it is possible that the buyer will “repel” his purchase.

I would like to share my joy about the introduction of NFT with the platform upgrade to v3! This is really great news. You are great fellows, you keep track of all the latest and current trends in the world of crypto. Layer 2 is very important for the NFT market right now. I also want to congratulate the team on the recently announced partnership with ZKBox. It looks extremely promising!

The invention of NFT has become almost the biggest event in the world of digital art, which appeared as a separate activity not so long ago. The development of crypto art was largely influenced by the creation of the Ethereum network in 2015. In art, blockchain has become a direction for experiment. But at the same time there was a big problem associated with verification. Thanks to NFT, we received a tool that allowed us to verify the authenticity of a digital object and the number of copies of it. Simply put, imagine that I offer to buy you a video. You may ask, what is the point if it is already published on the Internet? Where is the guarantee that it will be mine? NFT solves this problem: you get the rights to the video and can resell it.

Not so long ago, many media outlets wrote about a serious decline in the digital art market. In my opinion, this is just a bright headline. The crypto market is indeed characterized by a wave-like curve, falls have been observed before. The large growth was due to the single high sales of Beeple, CryptoPunks and several other artists. There are a total of 20 such sales worldwide. This is a very small amount. The average cost of NFT has been and remains at the level of $2-2.5 thousand. So I think that ZKSwap are moving in the right direction by releasing v3. Great fellows!

Now is a very interesting period. Cryptomillionaires who had previously made purchases for fun saw that there was an art market. In April and May 2021, artists from the traditional agenda entered the NFT market and started making digital art. Behind them are “traditional” collectors. The artists who declared themselves in the first wave are developing a new direction in storytelling, cinema, special effects and in the games industry. Of course, the problem is that not all artists in the NFT market create art. I think that soon there will be authors with more in-depth content of works. The market will only grow.

There are other problems and features that should be overcome on the way to becoming a new digital era. Not so long ago, Vitalik Buterin, on his Twitter, shared the idea of transferring the NFT ecosystem to the secondary L2 protocol. According to him, this should help reduce gas consumption and the size of commissions in the main Ethereum network. I tend to trust Vitalik completely, he says the right words. L2 is the best solution for scaling the NFT market without overloading the Ethereum network. Sometimes the overload of the network is so crazy that the price of gas is higher than the amount being sent. This often happens at times when NFT collections are being minted.

An organized transfer of the NFT ecosystem to Layer 2 will help to significantly reduce fees in Ethereum. L2 is a secondary protocol built on top of an already existing block chain system. To put it more simply, we are talking about the scaling mechanism of the Ethereum network, which was not originally embedded in its structure. ZKSwap v3 will be an add-on to the Ethereum blockchain that will work with NFT. I think the whole ZKSwap community is very excited about the news about #zkswap v3 NFT

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