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To be honest, I thought about it for a long time and went through different versions of the names. There were many options, but they were all ridiculously banal. It seems that the muse has come, and in the end, after a few minutes, you realize that this is ZeroSwap - nothing interesting, or such a company already exists and it has tokens :laughing: I realized that I didn’t want to think in the usual framework and turned off my head. I just took a piece of paper with a marker and began to pick up words that I like in sound and spelling. This approach led me almost immediately to the name Kyoto. I did not put any hidden meaning into this word, although I would not be surprised that one of you, my friends, will find it there :upside_down_face: I just liked the way it sounds and is written. I’m also not making a reference to a historical city in Japan. For me, Kyoto is something futuristic and inherently connected with urban. I made two sketches in Photoshop and styled them differently to convey the emotions and atmosphere that I saw myself.

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#ZKSwap Rebranding#

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