My feedback #V3 testnet #feedback

i think DEX on blockchain world to same all, this dApp must be make a different

  1. bridge on bridge between L2 ETH
  2. change ux/ui ex. checkbox T&C and use google analytics for tracking
  3. dark/light mode UI and dynamic mode depending on time
  4. frontend app size very large (app, resources), unless → change to SSR framework and see more to lighthouse benchmark
  5. separate image system like zksync mint use cid on pinata for support very large files
  6. NFT marketplace i need feature a boot for first page
  7. DEX i need feauture CEX like setting buy and sell ex.
  8. farming i need feature one click for deposit and withdraw (swap coin → add LP → deposit) same ex.
  9. recaptcha v3 for protection bot

My ERC20 Address : 0x8696aF03ED690a45Cdff7267013484B2C76A38Da