My Nft Journey and opinion #ZKSwap V3 NFT#

I am a French artist based in Paris but also a Pharmacist! I am passionate about painting and drawing. I take my inspiration from my travels and the people I met. I can’t wait to mint my NFTs on Zkswap to share this passion with audience!

I’ve been drawing since my youngest age. I taught myself drawing and painting through a test & learn approach, by experimenting with multiple mediums. From acrylic to oil, watercolor, ink and more recently digital arts.

Drawing has always been my passion. I’m not doing it for a living for a simple reason : I want to create Art when I want to, not because I have to… Everytime I take my brushes or pencils, it’s because I have this desire to create something unique !

I have been trading and investing in cryptocurrencies for 5 years. I wrote about blockchain technology and its application to healthcare in my pharmacy thesis. NFTs were a revolution for me and I think it’s here to stay. It’s combining my passion and activity, I have a clear ambition to be part of this amazing adventure.

In june i minted 4 art for binance Marketplace. Each work was 1/1 signed and backed by a physical Fine Art print that I was sign and send to the collector. They will never be available elsewhere :gem:

I also have plan to mint my artwork on ZKSWAP if i got chance, i will try to create my best artwork. i have plan to embellish the print with gold leaf and some handmade staff for ZKSwap.
All my NFTs will be unique and not available after the first sale. I am unable to add more than one image please consider it. Thank you very much.

L2 Address : 0x503283659F3B5489A2368ec3297643BF8914558A