My nft Journey over the years #ZKSwap V3 Nft#

I was born in the mid-90s, and have lived in different countries in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

In 2015 I graduated in jewelry design from the Gemological Institute of America. After what I designed several high jewelry pieces.
Here is a sample of my work.

Making of :wink: (it will be one of the 3 NFTs that i will list on the V3 version of Zkswap)

I never stopped from making artworks, so a few years later, I decided to share my works. And now, my physical works will be on display in the gallery in a few days, and I mint the corresponding NFT versions for the ZKSwap V3 Nft supported launch!

I know their seriousness and the application they bring when they bring new things. When some people see NFT as a tool for speculation or artistic expression, I see it as the apotheosis of freedom of expression. A freedom, easily accessible and without barriers!

I totally agree that Zkswap has always been a top platform. I think it will bring visibility and liquidity to the NFT world for collectors and creators.

I have no real prediction about the future of NFT in general, but for me it will inevitably transform our lives in the near or distant future, it’s no surprise that all the rights holders will want innovative and secure ways and at lower cost for the works/rights/legacy etc…
Best of luck for zkswap team hope we will make the history. Thank you