My Nft Journey So far and some expectations and suggestions from the team #zkswap V3 Nft#


In April 2021, NFT really boomed after Some of the popular nft sold at over millions and who doesn’t want that amount of money? Yes! Everyone want that amout. But in my opinion nft is more that money. You can’t buy happiness the world is so old. Nowadays you can buy happiness with nft. Ha! Ha! :zipper_mouth_face:

After somedays I started researching…obviously, that’s just a lie, I just read about basic terms and my dad and brother told me about OpenSea and bought me some Ethereum. **Now, what I did next was a mistake. Because ethereum eat gas fee like a giant. It’s really happy to see that Zkswap is here for solving the problem.
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Why i want to join Zkswap to mint my Nfts?
Because I hate gas fees
This is the part where I realise that I should have researched about NFTs properly. This was the time when the gas fee was at its highest costing about 0.04 ETH (100$ at that time). So, what I did in a hurry to list my first NFT and to get my $69 million.

Without researching much I started the process of minting & listing, and when I had to pay for the gas fee for listing I got to know I was approx 0.04 (10$) short on ETH. I thought, why should I even buy more ether when I will be getting thousands after selling my NFT and I reduced the Gwei which lowered the amount of ETH that I had to pay. I waited for a day and there was no response, I thought the transaction was stuck or something because I still had the same amount of ETH in my crypto wallet so I did another transaction. I waited for an hour and still, there was no progress so I did the transaction over and over again. I did this 8 times realizing that all of the transactions are out and not getting completed because I have set the Gwei to a lower amount than required. So, I tried to fix it by adding more ETH to my crypto wallet and watching some YouTube tutorials, and there goes one more transaction that went into the queue.

OpenSea sucks!
After listing with high gas fee, i realised that OpenSea is not the right place to sell NFTs. I mean the competition is really high as anyone can upload their NFT. So, I thought I should finally switch the platform. I thought of switching to Rarible as it had a good UI/UX and it also has dark mode but the problem still persisted over here. I made an account on Rarible but never minted anything. Then I came across Foundation, an invite-only platform that has good UI/UX and also less competition. Now that’s what I was looking for. But the thing is either you get an invite or get upvotes from people and get accepted on the platform…
But wait, what?!!?! There are 30,000 people in the queue of upvotes. There is no chance of me getting in with that because I can’t even manage to get a sale on free NFT then how can I get selected among so many people who must have more than 20 followers.
So i finally decided to use Zkswap for minting my nft. Because It’s zero gas fee platform where i can mint my nft without any cost. That’s really a great feature that we will never find in others platform. Thanks for giving us to share our experience and suggestions for upcoming V3 version. That will create the history in nft world. Hope we will able to create our nft on Zkswap in real soon.