My personal experience and opinion #ZKSwap V3 Nft#

As a zkswap lover i am really happy that you guys are launch V3 version of zkswap. V3 will be support nft this is more great news for me. Actually i am a nft lover also. I trade, create and buy-sell many nft. It’s a cool thing. In current matket nft facing a great problem and everyone knows what it is! Yes guess right, It’s ethereum high gas fee. Many quality artist not create their high quality art as an nft because of high gas fee. I think with V3 version of Zkswap this problem will be solve. My expectations from zkswap is please add quality and meaningfull artwork so people use Zkswap. Also add some Extra features like rating, gallery so that peopke easily findhigh quality art.tgats it! Thank you