My personal opinion and review #V3 Testnet feedback#

I join many testnet campaign in my life. To be honest i have never seen something like zkswap. Testnet mean a lot of bugs on it. But in zkswap’s testnet it is a rare case. Honestly there are some.little bug available but there are no major bug. All things are super awesome. Didn’t find any major bug on it.

Request faucet token from zkswap faucet then test it. The experience was awesome. Layer2 wallet features are super awesome and super cool. Although sometimes it is show incorrect value of coin. This is because of testnet and they are still in beta phrase. So this problem will be solve in mainnet. The swap speed is faster than ever. I think it is faster than the previous version of ZKSwap. It takes onle 10 sec to swap any coin. There are also huge amount of liquidity available on pool so user will able to swap their coin without slippage tolerance. This is really good.

I also mint my first ever nft via help of ZKSwap. Mint nft on layer2 was so good. You just need to connect your wallet. No need to special permission. No kyc, no fee that is really awesome features. The selling process was also so good you sell your nft in just one click. Just put the amount you want to sell your nft then confirmed. That’s all done. Although there are no option to buy many nft at once i hope this features also will be available soon. And artist will able to create multiple nft at once and sell it on marketplace. The Marketplace was also good. It is easy to find the destination nft on marketplace. Already many quality mint their art on testnet. That’s was really good news for us. Bevause the more quality artist we get on Zkswap the more rise will gain zks.