My thoughts on rebranding #ZKSwap Rebranding#


Have ZKSwap decided to rebranding? Great, I’m in! I have some thoughts on this. The project has already outgrown its current name and should be wrapped in a new festive wrapper. Since the upcoming update will be a significant expansion of the functionality of the platform, it will turn into something more. The name should correspond to a wide coverage of various spheres, and there are quite a few of them - DEX, DeFi, Swap, NFT and all this on Layer2. We will get a concentrate of all the necessary functions in one application at the output. I decided to reflect in the title the absolute coverage of all spheres and opportunities presented in the crypt. I suggest changing the name from ZKSwap to Absolet. I used a popular naming technique with the correct replacement of one letter, which makes the name unique. I can notice that this name is perfectly suitable for ecosystems-metaverses. This direction is now receiving unprecedented development, so the renovation in Absolet will allow it to be ergonomically integrated into the modern realities of the market.

Why is the logo so important?

Your logo is a visual medium that immediately informs people about who you are. People are complex creatures, and they will form thousands of different opinions about you and your company in those first 5 seconds when they look at your logo. The first time you look at the Absolet logo, you get the feeling that you are looking through the porthole of a spaceship into the depths of infinite space. This approach creates a sense of freedom, boundlessness and boundlessness in a person. It is these feelings, in my opinion, that should arise when using a zero-gas swap or transfers in a matter of seconds.

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