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It is believed that NFT is a digital art, that is, a digital tool is required to create it. It seems that the electronic environment obliges to this. But, in my opinion, a digitized offline work can also become an object of digital art. For example, a painting by a famous artist located in a certain repository receives a digital certificate in the form of an NFT, which participates in the purchase and sale process, while the canvas itself does not move from its place. But thanks to NFT, everyone knows about the deal, and the new owner of the painting will also be known.

Personally, I am waiting for one event in the NFT market, which I consider extremely important in the merger of two worlds - online and on-chain. This is an active implementation of gaming NFT. There is an obvious market demand for creating games where you can come with your characters, weapons, etc. While the developers are pausing, the number of gamers with pumped artifacts is growing year by year. And they increasingly want to try out their arsenal on a new site, to use it in a competition with another gamer and his artifacts. I am sure that the future of NFT is for games that accept tokenized artifacts. This will be one of the most competent examples of the use of decentralized technology: in this case, the game artifact will no longer be tied to one game and will become unique. At the same time, there will be a whole market for the exchange and pumping of such NFT artifacts, characters, weapons, etc. Today we are only at the beginning of a process designed for decades to come.

NFTs have shaken up the art world and the gaming world, but I guess tokens can exacerbate the money laundering problem. This is already happening in a similar way to how it is done with physical art. Compared to ordinary physical works of art, NFTs give more advantages to criminals. This is due to the fact that “dirty” funds are easier to move. They are tied to a decentralized currency and there are no physical works of art that would need to be transported or stored in warehouses of offshore tax havens.

I think it is quite logical to add basic KYC measures for the ZKBox NFT marketplace. This will solve the problem of anonymity. Buyers and sellers will be identified by real names and documents. I understand that this does not quite fit into the decentralized concept of ZKSwap. But you still need to understand that NFTs are special tokens that need a special approach.

Layer2 solutions with non-fungible tokens are designed to help scale the network by processing transactions from the Ethereum blockchain, known in this context as the Layer1 network. Within the NFT, the nature of these tokens can make them expensive to move or trade on the network. In essence, ZKSwap is creating a Layer2 solution for NFT that will make these NFT mining and trading processes more efficient, scalable, faster and more reliable.

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#ZKSwap V3 NFT#

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