Nft experience and expectations #ZKSwap V3 NFT#

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Art director based in Istanbul. After doing traditional painting for a long time, I started to digitally apply all my painting techniques and art knowledge, anticipating the digitalization of modern art.

Previously, I was producing digital painting works that were technically the closest to the traditional.
I have been doing CGI, 3D, and artificial intelligence-based concept studies for the last four years.
In my works, I generally aim to use metaphors that I feel away from prevalent anxiety and aim to raise awareness in people.
I always leave the main idea to the audience’s interpretation. I am putting all these on the ground-based on reality, apart from the where thought.
The pandemic has devastated the whole world, but to see people uniting to overcome adversity make me inspired. As the Arts have had to adapt and evolve, NFTs have quickly gained awareness and offered a lifeline to some artists during the pandemic. I believe it’s time to harness the power of NFTs through charitable donations. As an NFT artist, I will be supporting UNICEF in the world’s biggest vaccine rollout, COVAX - which is working globally to address vaccine equality - an issue, which is dubbed the greatest challenge of our time.
I am not personally inspired by other artists. I am inspired by the pictorial art of the classical period. But the process works differently while producing art. The moment I concentrate sufficiently calmly, emotionally and spiritually, I create meaningful art. I have to listen to atmospheric music to enter this mode. At the same time, I am productive the moment I feel the cold air in my dream. The cold
air gives me a sense of calmness. That’s why I can work more effectively in winter. I am a person who believes that real art comes from under difficult conditions and pressure.
My creative process is very painful. Producing art too often wears me down. Because I think too much about it. I believe that every work I do must have meaning. It makes me unhappy when I produce meaningless and popular work. I force my imagination before I produce it. Sometimes I get inspired by an event I went through, sometimes a movie or a story that happened.
For a long time, I have produced 3D and CGI-based video content for brands such as ASUS, APPLE and HUAWEI as a freelance.
Now, we are establishing our own design studio with my friend, with whom we carried out these projects together and brought them to life. We are currently in the branding and design process of our own studio.
With Covid-19, protection factors such as personal hygiene take an active place in our lives. The detail that best describes personal hygiene “Washing hands frequently.”

Chuck Palahniuk, the creator of Fight Club, I produced a content by writing Fight Covid with a metaphorical expression on the marked fight club soap. This thing quickly went viral. When I received an invitation for Binance’s COVAX campaign, I thought this NFT would have a huge impact on vaccine equity.

Throughout my career i joined more than 10 nft platform. Currently my nft are trading on binance marketplace, opensea, treasureland and many others platform. I hope with Zkswap V3 nft minting cost will be solve and i am shift my all work on l2. Because people love zero gas fee.

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