Nft opportunity and expectations #ZKSwap V3 Nft#

Nft are currently one of the best boomed topics in current Blockchain industries. Many digital artist shift their physical artwork to digital artwork. It is nice to see that zkswap focusing on that area to solve many problem give us the opportunity to create our own artworks as an nft. I first create my nft on opensea that sold at value of 9.99 eth. Since then i created more that 10 nft and list them on opensea. Two of them are sold at 3 & 5 eth. That was a great feelings. Currently nft marketplace have facing many problem. Hope with Zkswap version V3 this problem will be solved. My expectations from zkswap version is please add rating, gallery, verified badge option for quality artist. This will help new user to find original art. And this will decrease the spamming thank you very much.