Сool minimalistic name #ZKSwap Rebranding#

When branding, the rule works: "The less - the better!”. At first glance, not everyone may disagree with this, but any experienced designer will confirm this. It has long been a well-known fact that unnecessarily complex and cluttered logos cannot hold the viewer’s attention for a long time. A minimalistic logo is much more attractive and successful. It is a mistake to believe about the logo design that the more, the better. This is not at all what works in reality.

Indeed, there was a time when complex, intricate logos and company names were on trend. And there is a logical explanation for this - there was a big leap in the capabilities of graphic programs, many new effects, filters, templates and other bells and whistles appeared. Designers and customers plunged into the world of experiments and crazy creativity, they wanted everything and more. It was during this period that many complex, intricate logos appeared. They did not express anything important and were in a sense silent. In order for the design to work, it must be sharp, clear, clear and concise. I cannot but rejoice at the fact that the trend for complex logos did not last long and I think that minimalism has returned forever.

To rebrand ZKSwap, I decided to come up with a minimalistic brand name and the same logo. The minimalism-style logo speaks a simple language. Imagine that you need to talk to someone in a foreign language, and you don’t know him very well. It will be easier for you to understand the person who speaks in short sentences and simple words. And it will be very difficult to communicate if a person speaks quickly, difficult, slurred and with a strange accent. There is also a complex branding or logo. He is confusing, it is difficult to keep up with him and it is not always possible to understand him.

IKON is a simple and concise name for a modern IT company. The meaning is associatively clear. The font is natural, the lines are smooth, without unnecessary serifs. This four-letter word is so simple that it begins to seem like a work of art at first glance. A true icon of style, restraint and simultaneous openness and accessibility. In my design, I decided to use perfect shapes, natural natural colors and textures. As few details as possible to build a composition. The correct use of only the most necessary with the elimination of all unnecessary, obtaining free space in this way. Looking at this laconic corporate identity, a person takes a break from the information flow that accompanies him daily.

L2 Address - 0x0A094e2Cb26578E688a28e7040199ADC6cd490Da

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