Opinion and expectations from our favourite dex #ZKSwap V3 Nft#

Zkswap is one of my favorite because of zero gas fee. Happy to see that my fav dex will support nft features. What got me into NFTs is NOT the promise of money

Now before I go on, I just want to specify something important. I know many people are interested in NFTs because of the potential financial rewards and yes, this side is definitely interesting. For artists and creatives like me, it’s great to find opportunities that can help us monetize our art and raise our social status above the survival line. But that’s not the main reason why I said my mind was blown.

You see, in the days leading to my unexpected discovery, I was facing an artistic conundrum.

I’m a musician, singer, writer and artist. All of these elements are an important part of my creative universe as a whole. Live coding is a great way for me to express myself because it allows me to combine my love for programming with my love for music. Because I’m using Sonic Pi and its language is very readable (it’s based on the Ruby programming language), I can even push that further by incorporating some storytelling in my performances. In live coding performances, the audience sees all the code being typed on the screen, which adds an extra layer to how the performer can communicate.

But I’m also a creative nonfiction writer and memoirist. I love to tell stories about my adventures traveling the world, and about my journey through healing, self-transformation, and the development of my creative process.

But here’s the thing, how do I unite these worlds together? I was racking my brain trying to understand which ways and which platform would be best suited to give people the full experience I want to communicate. If I publish an essay, I can add a link to a music track or video in my post but people interested to read are not necessarily interested in listening. Similarly, if I release a track on some platform, even though I can put a link to the story that it relates to, most people who will find the track are there to listen, not necessarily to read.

I was scratching my head to understand what’s the best platform for me to focus on and how to give people that full experience that is not only the written words and not only the music but a combination of all these elements together.

Then, I discovered NFTs and everything just clicked.

I can take all these different parts that relate to one another and bundle them in a coherent experience inside one NFT. I can put together an audio file, digital art, a beautifully designed e-book with lyrics and a personal essay, a unique video clip, the Sonic Pi code I wrote to play the song live along with a sample pack for someone who wants to have fun playing it or remixing it, and more. The possibilities are endless! There are just so many ways to be creative in how you present your art.

This got me thinking and I came up with a general idea for different NFT experiences. For example, here’s what I’m working on doing for one of my songs I released in 2017 called “Paradise”.

I’m creating four different experiences and tailored towards people with slightly different interests.

  1. Paradise-Experiencing

For someone interested mainly in owning the audio file. This NFT contains a link to an audio file hosted on IPFS and a collection of beautiful wallpapers, both for desktop and mobile, made from stills taken from the official Paradise video clip.

  1. Paradise-Expressing

Same as above, with the addition of a beautifully designed e-book with the lyrics of the song and a personal note written by me.

  1. Paradise-Manifesting

This one is specially tailored for someone that has more interest in playing with the song, either by live coding with Sonic Pi or by remixing it in a DAW.

It will contain:

Everything listed above in the previous NFTS (an IPFS link to the audio file, the wallpapers, and the PDF with lyrics and a personal note)

  • a Ruby file with the Sonic Pi code
  • a sample pack if someone wants to remix it
  1. Paradise-Beyond

That’s the ultimate experience. Everything that for me creates the whole universe for this song. It will have everything listed above (the audio, wallpapers, e-book with lyrics and a personal note, the Ruby file with the code, and the sample pack) but in addition, the e-book will contain a personal essay I wrote about self-transformation and reinventing yourself and your reality (which are the roots of how this song came to life, as I explain in the essay).

That’s my master plan.

If this model works for this song, I intend to keep it for creating new NFTs with other tracks I released. The first NFT, Paradise-Experiencing, is already created and is currently on auction on Mintable.