Our hope about rebranding #zkswap #rebranding

Zkslight finance

The exponential growth of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ever since 2020 has been undeniably tremendous. The most compelling evidence of this trend is the emergence of a myriad of DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges), especially AMMs.Among those AMMs, Uniswap has been the most successful and well-known one. However, there are still some considerable problems for Uniswap users. First, the transactions on Uniswap require a really high gas fee. Second, every transaction needs to wait for at least one block to be executed. And third, due to the limiting technology of Ethereum, Uniswap cannot handle the overwhelming amount of transactions in high traffic time.

ZKSwap aims to develop an alternative product in the field to ameliorate those difficulties.
And we see zkswap already solve most of the problem and trying to solve nft and payment problem also. So it is good time to change the brand name.
Zklight would be an ideal name for this. With the help of light we will see the light in crypto space thanks.