Thanks for support Future of digital art #ZKSwap V3 Nft#

It all started because I was procrastinating. When you work from home as a freelancer, it can be easy to let yourself go to laziness from time to time (at least in my case).

So one of these mornings, even though I had tons of work lined up for clients, I decided to chill and watch something on YouTube. I was browsing videos on my feed and suddenly, one of them caught my attention.

$69 Million for a JPEG File — The Wild World of NFTs

I stared at my screen in disbelief for a few seconds. If this was a video from some unknown YouTuber, I would’ve probably taxed it as clickbait, but the video was from a channel I know and like so I clicked the link and watched… and then…

(That was the sound of my brain exploding.)

I was mind blown. Where was I living all this time? I’m an artist, I’m tech-savvy, I even know how to code… and I never heard about the NFT revolution?
Then i started search on internet and found a lot of article. I started learning more about nft and use cases of it. This really a cool think. This is the future of digital art. But the road was not easy i still remember that i list my first nft it cost more that 200$ for creating and list it on opensea. The gas fee is the culprits and yester i heard that Zkswap support nft with zero gas fee for minting and listing. There are only trading fee that deducted from account after selling. That’s really a great new for me as an artist. Hope Zkswap launch their marketplace without any trouble. And please keep the platform user-friendly and easy to use. It is really necessary thing. That will attract more nft lovers to zkswap. Thanks