What's your suggestion about ZKSwap? Marketing, product, partnership?

What’s your suggestion about ZKSwap? Marketing, product, partnership? Comment below and let us know.

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The giving block

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We can try to contact them. Can we cooperate with them?

Thanks for the suggestion. Already got contact with The Giving Block team. Stay tuned.


I think you must use the social networks so much more. I have seen this forum for a while and I couldn’t see more than a few active person. Maybe you will take some useless advices very much but people will know you more than now. But most important thing about you that you must be clear about limitations. Many people doesn’t like surprises.


I agree that there is lack of information in social networks and the TEAM should pay attention to that.

For instance, I’d start with multilanguage interface of the APP together with multilanguage video tutorial. Add at least few more languages (i.e. Russian and Japanese as it was already mentioned by one of forum members) and the community will start growing rapidly.

Arrange few incentivized campaigns just for best quality video tutorials and choose the best one to publish officially.

Keep your community “hot”, for example think over some daily\weekly quizzes.

To my opinion as soon as you finish all the hard job over checking and correction of bugs, etc…your community should be ready to “jump head first” into your pool\product.

So wish all the best with all intentions you have arranged.

Thank you. It’s good to know the team hear us. But I think you must give more feed back to our suggestions. I am checking what I reported the problem but there is no solution or no feed back about it. It doesn’t matter taking an award ( I have already given some really really small awards :grin: ). It’s really good to be a part of project. I am not a computer nerd I am just a simple user but I can see some problems.