#ZkSwap #Bsc Personal Suggestion

#BSC #ZKSwap #BZKs

In Ethereum there are several layer 2 solution that solve the stability problem but in bsc we will be the first layer 2 based dex. That’s massive victory for us.

For any project governance token is the key to success. It allows holders to voting power. So i think this is really important to issue independent bsc version of #BZks.

Yeah listing token is the main part of any ex. My choice is Bnb, Cake, sxp, bake, c98, sfp, tko, banana, Alpha, Xvs, Alpaca, reef, vai, sfund, sparta, dego and some other popular coin.

Fee should not be more than 5$. Under 5$ would be great.

Staking : add staking feature so user can stake and earn passive income

Cross-Chain Interoperability: this feature would be great. Users will be able to utilize the cross-chain functionality driving increased adoption for the DEX platform.

Layer-2 Address : 0x0c56dbC50c3D30ed137F58B731CcF1Fc3aC6Cf8C