Best of luck for bsc, my suggestions #Bsc #ZKSwap

In crypto Scability is a great problem and layer 2 is the best solution for that. In Bsc version still layer 2 not available. Thank for giving us the zero gas fee experience. This is definitely a huge bomb for bsc. Because recently bsc faces many problem.

my suggestion and expectations :slight_smile:

Governance coin : governance token always important for any project. So i agree with that. Zks should have bsc version of bzks governance token.

List coin : coin is the heart of any dexes so you need to list many coins. Bnb, Busd, usdt(bep20), cake, Bake, Axs, mbox, sfp, tko, coin98, Alpha, juld, babyswap, burger, xvs is my choice.

Lower transfer fee : although bsc has lower fee than eth. Please For transfer layer1 to layer2 please adjust lower fee.

Staking : staking is always greedy for any user if bzks lauch staking system it will be attract more user.

Launchepad : 90% of dexes already have launchedpad if it will available in ZKSwap it will be great.

Lottery : lottery is another unique features in bsc pancakeswap and moonpot already lauched lottery system and they burn certain amount of coin from lottery pool. So if zkswap lauch lottery in bsc version of Zkswap zks will fly.

L2 address : 0x21D05f0472b391cea794c943068815087EE1B109