Expectation from bzks #Zkswap Bsc

Undoubtedly bsc one of the most popular chain in the world. So i think lauch on bsc mainnet is a huge success for Zkswap. It will increase the holder and traders. For bsc version of zks i have some expectations and suggestions for zkswap.

  1. Governance token is important for any project. It helps project more active so i think bsc version of zks should have a governance token.

  2. Token listing is the main purpose of any dexes. The more token a dex have the more traders they get. So bsc version of zkswap should list more coin as much as they can. Here are my suggestion, bnb, busd, cake, bake, burger, c98, tko, sfp, banana, mbox, xvs, spl, tko, pols, ramp, burger, dodo and some bsc version of popular coin.

  3. As a pioneer of bsc bnb should be add as swap/transfer fee.

  4. Products are important so zks swap should add staking and farming features are partnership with more bsc based project. Ex stake zks and earn c98 or stake c98 and earn zks. This will be great.

L2 Address : 0x218fEEc0c76b9045ba896B7CBa47fEcc6E4e2Cf5