My expectations from 1st bsc l2 project #ZKSwap Bsc#

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our suggestions and expectations. Bsc is one of the widely used chain and lauch on bsc is really a great achievement for zks.
My opinion :

  1. Yes i think bsc version should have own governance token
  2. For token list cake, bake, xvs, sfp, tko, bnb, auto, banana, baby, sparta, c98 would be ideal
  3. As a bsc version bnb and zks should be two token for fee.
  4. As a zks and bsc lover My expectations is so high. For bsc version it should have fast transection and lower fee.

My layer 2 address : 0x54C41dBaE894Fd2a937FEDF395F96783BAd02a1D