Suggesions as a zks lover #Zkswap Bsc#

Today zkswap finally lauch on bsc version. This is really a proud moment for all of us. This is definitely huge achievement zkswap achieved so far.

  1. Governance token: Yes zks Governance token is a great idea. It will increase the demand of zks in zkswap ecosystem
  2. Token list : Cake, tko, slp, xvs, c98, alpaca, mbox, bmon, bp is my choise
  3. Token fee : as a bsc version bnb should be use as token fee.
  4. My expectations from zkswap is just keep it user friendly, dont list any scam coin. And always avoid to list rebasedment token that cost 10-20% as transaction fee they are mostly scam coin.

Address: 0xa9935f4F72a741B1C3cA2c0e6C40E2Bd4a348561