Expectation from bsc version of #ZKSwap Bsc#

Undoubtedly bsc is one of the most active chain in current crypto world. To launch zks on bsc chain is really big new for all of us.

Governance token: I think for bsc version it is really important to issue a independent version of ZKSwap governance token. Because for every project governance token play a vital role for long term success.

Token list : token list always important for any dex. This is the main heart of any dex. I think Tko, Sfp, Bp, Nftb, C98, Cake should list on Zkswap.

fee : As a bsc version of ZKSwap i think bnb is the right choice for fee.

Expectations : As a 1st layer 2 project on bsc! Zkswap should focus on some unique features. And transaction should complete in real time. UI should Faster, smother and more user friendly than any other dex.

Address : 0x5b5D617183A2630757Ad715F065e2395a2e73F18