My Feedback #ZKSwap BSC# version

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  1. The management token in the BSC network must of course be launched. I would like to leave the total number of management tokens in both networks (ETH and BSC) unchanged. That is, when creating tokens in the BSC network, tokens in the ETH network should burn

  2. All the main tokens must be present. $BNB, $Cake, $Bake and others. I consider NFT-oriented projects to be one of the most promising areas. Reducing the fees for creation and transactions when performing operations with NFT is what is so necessary for the market of contemporary art and collectibles now.

  3. $Busd, $Bnb, $bZKS

  4. I am waiting for a reduction in the cost of transactions, compared to the Ethereum network. People are tired of paying huge amounts of money for operations and transactions. I think $ZKS on BSC is able to solve this problem once and for all, making life easier for millions of people. bZKS TO THE MOOON! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: