WOW! First layer2 DEX on the BSC #ZKSwap BSC#

  1. Yes, this is an excellent innovation, usually such distribution of the project and its introduction into new eco-systems bear fruit and have a positive impact on the number of users

  2. I know the ecosystems of these projects, so I can recommend them: $MBOX, $ALPACA, $BAKE, $CAKE, $ALICE, $GRT, $AUCTION

  3. It is definitely worth adding BNB and BUSD, which are well-established leaders in the BSC ecosystem and will be familiar to users. Your own ZKS token should also be used, because users of the ZKSwap system are already familiar with it. I think this will be quite enough to start with. In the future, this list can be expanded, and those assets that the user himself uses can be used to pay commissions.

  4. Layer 2 in the BSC network for ZKSwap and the entire DeFi world is a look into the future, which indicates the team’s thorough approach to the development of the service. We are well aware that one day the BSC network will become overloaded, just like the Ethereum network. You need to be prepared for this situation in advance

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