What I think about #ZKSwap BSC#

:white_check_mark: The new network is a new management token, everything should be in order! This is natural. There is an opinion that the more tokens, the more difficult it is to understand. This is the crypt, baby! If it’s difficult for you, then “there is a mastercard for everything else”… well, or cash)) :t_rex:

:white_check_mark: TWT, BNB, ETH bep20, this year C98 was very surprised and gained popularity. I also love BANANA :banana:

:white_check_mark: BNB, and the commissions must be paid personally by CZ / the user does not have to pay anything :laughing: :laughing: Let’s all offer it to him on Twitter together? (I’m serious) :smiley: :+1:

:white_check_mark: Increased transaction speed at times of network congestion. It is also a good marketing move - the more perfect and innovative the ZKSwap system is, the sooner it will gain universal popularity. What I do not doubt :wink: :ok_hand:

metamask 0x195CBf53F31826CF5821a8E110D41E7821d0912A