wen moon sir? wen lambo?))) #ZKSwap BSC#

Hi. I will tell you about my thoughts, if it will be interesting

  • I think that the introduction of a new token into circulation will have a positive impact on decentralization. The name of the bZKS coin has a direct and familiar reference to Binance and BNB, this practice has already become a standard. So no problem at all.

  • $ETH, $BTC, $BNB,$CAKE, $BUSD. The list can be very large, the more the better, the only question is in the order of listing coins. First of all, you need to put into circulation those coins that are not supported in v2, but are generally recognized and popular.

  • BNB and bZKS will be the best choice. Here, I think, you can’t really think of anything new. If there is a demand for other coins, then they can also be gradually introduced

  • I expect ZKSwap to become the leader among DEX. For this, everything is available on board, and there is also a loyal community. I would like to see more activities, competes and testnets that will help attract new users and investors. And this will help the team to test the system better

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#ZKSwap BSC#

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