Expectations & Suggestions #ZKSwap BSC#

  1. Should the BSC version of ZKSwap issue an independent governance token, dubbed BZKS?

I believe that the management token should be separate for each network. For users of the BSC ecosystem, this will be more familiar and it will be easier to attract them to ZKSwap on BSC. There are users who use the Ethereum network as the main one, and they need the $GZKS token. There are users who use the BSC network as the main one, and they are used to having all the coins, which are integrated from the Ethereum network into the BSC network, receive a prefix from the letter “B” in their name.

  1. What coins should be listed on the BSC version of ZKSwap?

First of all, it is necessary to issue DEX coins that are popular in the BSC ecosystem. This will attract

more attention from users who are already familiar with such projects as PancakeSwap, 1inch, BakerySwap. It is also necessary to pay attention first of all to stablecoins, for example, $BUSD.

  1. What fee tokens should be added to the BSC version of ZKSwap?

The use of $BNB/$BSC tokens will be quite a standard solution for paying the gas fee.

  1. What are your expectations for the first Layer2 product on the BSC?

I hope that this product, by right of the first, will take a leading position in the BSC ecosystem and gain a huge number of followers.