Trading experience of a noob nft traders #ZKSwap V3 NFT#

I am not an experienced nft traders. I first started my nft trading journey on January 2021 since than i used more than 15 nft marketplace fir trade nft. Of couse treasureland is my favourite nft marketplace. Most of time i used treasureland bsc version marketplace for trading. Because i hate high eth gas fee. As a small trader i think bsc is the best option for me. Today i heard that zkswap will be supported l2 nft marketplace. Wow! That’s a great news for me because i am waiting for that day since 9 month. I think my waiting is over soon. I will definitely shift my all trading to L2. Because eth is the widely used blockchain in the world. This will help many users to create buy and sell their nft with zero fee on marketplace. My suggestions is please add more chain because currently many user shift eth to others chain. If V3 nft marketplace suppirt multichain it will be great. Thank you again.