#V3 test# Zk swap v3 wisdom

I think ZK swap V3 is a very valuable configuration file, which is like a social media. You can see other configuration files and see what they have. We can discuss the price with others or bargain to make ZK swap perfect DEX. This is the first time I use the feature of test net. There are not many problems for me. ZK swap V3 has a simple design, This makes ZK swap V3 very simple and easy to understand. A payment method is added during NFT purchase and checkout. Many people may miss the change method in the setting menu, and few people may know a better method. ZK swap has a good place to trade NFT. It can create and sell their own NFT in a simple way. L2 wallet is faster than you can imagine, You can exchange and replenish working capital in the blink of an eye. You can also send encrypted messages to others with L2 wallet :lock:, There is almost no cost. This is my view of using ZK swap v3. I am just a novice, but I believe that L2 cryptocurrency will be the hope of the future. The trend has been rising and is just around the corner