#V3 Testnet Feedback# 16:00 03/12/2021

Hi, here is my feedback from using the app on the testnet on Brave browser/web app with Metamask. 03/12/2021

The overall design and interface are very nice, it’s great to have the wallet page which shows the assets without having to add tokens, etc. And the L2 Pool Details tab is very useful to keep track of your LPs. Having the Transactions below is also very useful, as it is easy to check the activity has gone through. I like that it is there and you don’t have to search for it.

Deposits took some time to confirm - but it was really useful to see the ‘pending’ status showing, so I knew it had worked and just needed the block confirmations.

I like the focus on the Wallet / Trade / NFT. - i tried out different viewport sizes and the app worked well in these. I also like that the explorer is accessible from the app in the top toolbar.

I performed a swap, which was seamless, and a joy to use. again - it is good it shows the history below. it was very smooth - it was good to include the note about checking the exchange rate and fee costs.

I then provided liquidity to the ETH/ZKS pool. again very smooth. good to have the liquidity history, and the ‘view details’ and an accessible way to see the LPs.

I Minted an NFT. Set up of the profile was very quick and straightforward. could include links to Socials or more art platforms. It was easy to create the NFT, this was the first NFT i have ever made - I never knew it was so easy and quick. everything processed smoothly. I could see it in the wallet and on my profile page. I then put it up for sale. which went smoothly too.

All in all, a very pleasant experience to use. information is clearly accessible, great to have the transactions, and activity visible.

Also good to have the option to pay fees in ETH/USDT/ZKS!

Looking forward to the launch.
many thanks


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