#V3 Testnet Feedback# from perk

hi,i am perk,my twitter:@lisa92106379
On a sleepless night, I opened zkswap V3 and tested it

Compared with the previous version, I don’t feel much changed. I just added an NFT market and wallet. This is a behavior that conforms to the market. However, compared with the V1 version, the front-end banner and UI have been greatly updated. The team has achieved phased victory, which is really a good progress

A.First of all, the overall interface adopts light color gradient, with a trace of red in white and black text. There are special sessions for rocket launch and animation on the trading interface. The UI is commendable. The overall use feels very friendly, but it is a little less professional than the central exchange. Maybe zkswap can consider making a version for traders, Let’s use a more professional layer 2 decentralized transaction.

B. In addition, in terms of new coins and mining, it is suggested to refer to the syrup pool of pancake. ZKS takes out some tokens, and the project party takes out some tokens to reward users participating in LP mining. This cycle is very healthy, and the unity of retail investors provides overall stability

about nft:
i creat it:

C.I created an NFT, and then I want to check my creation history, but I found that the place where I found the “creation history” interface is not obvious. It only has a small button. It took me some time to find it. I believe other users must have a similar situation. I hope it can be optimized here
D.Many works in the NFT market are not very famous. I hope the government can take the initiative to accept or attract well-known NFT creators to join zkswap. Create NFT on it, or attract the other party in the form of token reward?
FAfter NFT was created, I saw it in my wallet, but it’s not very cool. It’s best to send it in the form of cards. If you can, it also supports rotating viewing. Ha ha, look forward to it

Looking forward to a little response to my test:0x316be9f838F7B0B2c24c33A8d3711aB66bDD1081