#V3 Testnet #Feedback good job

Testing of ZKSwap V3 has proven to be extremely successful and actually very smooth without reporting a single bug or defect. Starting with connecting the wallet and then setting up a profile the experience to start the ZKSwap experience was very positive and simple.

Moving to the next stage of the user experience and depositing funds into the L2 wallet again was a simple and efficient process that seemed very intuitive and required little site knowledge or crypto experience so gave me confidence in using the app and in my opinion will be great for adoption.

Using the V3 swap function to move my ETH to USDT was also a very familiar experience and overall the user experience was very good with a clean interface and great notifications along the way to assist in working through the approval process.

Minting then putting up NFT’s for sale was equally as easy and straight forward for inexperienced users. As a relatively new user in the crypto space myself i was able to navigate and create an NFT within a minute then easily post it with a sale price. In addition, looking through the NFT mall was a great and easy experience to shop in a NFT marketplace without leaving the ZKSwap app.

My overall assessment is one of very practical and easy to use with a definite differentiator to other swap apps is the ease of use, super fast use of transactions and the ultimate benefit of zero knowledge to leverage the Ethereum network with ZKSwap. Network effect and mass adoption is also a major point of difference in this space and ZKSwap is primed to take a leading role with its ease or use and having all aspects of the wallet, swap and NFT marketplace in one super slick and pretty to the eye interface.