# V3 Testnet Feedback # my experience

Hello everyone! :wink:Iā€™m from Russia! Please do not judge me strictly for my English. I just really want to leave a review here about the excellent ZKSwap platform. I love that with the ZKSwap platform I can take advantage of it. Iā€™m new to the crypto industry, but the platform interface is clear to me. I quickly got used to it here. :innocent:
I easily created my first NFT on this platform. Nothing complicated! Transactions in V3 are fast and lightweight. I think this is very important on a global scale. Now we can safely carry out transactions with zero gas fees.
Thanks to Zk-Rollups technology, this is affordable.
I am grateful to the ZKSwap team for the opportunities they have provided us! :orange_heart: I invite my friends to join us))
Looking forward to continuing to use ZKSwap in the future!:dizzy:

L2 wallet: 0xC01Ce9f575D6a20888Bf3e2dE1c12405a2099E90