#V3 Testnet #Feedback my feedback for v3, is perfect for v3

hello everyone, First I want to thank the ZKSwap Team for allowing me to try (V3) and for giving me a faucet capital to try it, and for allowing me to give feedback on how I feel using the V3 testnet.

(1). first I did the deposit system in V3, for the transaction I did it was quite good, with a satisfactory deposit transaction (deposit speed was very good), after that I made a withdrawal, the transaction was still the same, the transaction was also very good, fast I entered my L1 dompel, in terms of deposits and withdrawals it was very good both from L1 and L2 deposits, and vice versa, it was very good and smooth.

(2). Both swap systems, I have done in other applications, such as in the zks V3 testnet, but in my opinion the swap transactions in V3 are also good and close to perfect, with transactions also running smoothly, there are no problems at all, very satisfying on swap this V3.

(3). Thirdly, I admire the ZKSwap Team who have added NFT in this V3, which is not available in other swap applications. After I tried printing NFT, from the Mint NFT manufacturing process, to the sales and purchases that I made, everything this is what I expected,

with transactions that are quite easy for me, and maybe for all of us testnet V3 users, transactions are fast, easy and I can find any NFT I want, according to market availability. (very amazing ).

(4). My fourth suggestion is for ZKSwap V3, ZKSwap can provide its own NFT to be sold in V3, so that ZKSwap will be better known in the world of crypto lovers, and later on when Mainet will be even more perfect, thank you. Maybe that’s all the feedback I can say, after doing a testnet on V3, I congratulate the V3 designers who have worked hard to make this amazing, perfect V3. I hope ZKSwap will be the best, now and in the future. Thank you all… If there are any wrong or offensive words in my delivery of the V3 testnet, I apologize profusely to the entire ZKSwap Team, thank you my wallet: 0x81Ee92ddf9D21b2678Fc8e33dDDbf2De4D6b2a37