#v3 testnet feedback my opinion V3 the best

my feedback about the V3 I did testnet. I started with the words from NFT. Divide V3 products by NFT category to make it easier for customers to select when browsing products When selecting a sell order Nft, I can quickly find the NFT I want to sell through words lock, with the transaction is very easy and good.When I first started using it i know what to buy for NFT. my suggestion would be efficient to provide NFT according to the product category. Some people prefer animation and gamification products, or high-tech products, or art products. It is possible to classify the entire product interface before the customer screen by classification. On the one hand, it will be easier for customers to buy quickly through the categories they want. On the other hand, the entire buying process can be more efficient. It is recommended to add some options to the initial interface, such as: art NFT, animation NFT, celebrity NFT, etc. The classification criteria can be determined based on the product in the NFT mall. In general, this approach can help promote multiple products quickly, even to people walking around the mall at will. The current interface is just a simple accumulation of several products, which are not organized enough, so the efficiency is very low. Returning to the interface for selling my own products, I bought NFT during my own testing and later found that if there were a lot of NFTs in my shop, and I wanted to sell them, it would take too long to find them. them one by one. If possible, you can add search keywords and other methods to quickly find the product you want to sell. The whole sales process will also be more efficient and faster, will be more perfect in v3. swap transactions are also good from depositing to L2 until withdrawing from L2 is very good. In my opinion v3 is close to perfect and good, hopefully later mainet time will be even better… I hope this zkswap v3 will be the best in the application swap crypto.that’s all maybe my feedback regarding zkswap v3.thanks wallets; 0x24C26495Bc2f773eE27604D5d1d49733834f4bFD