#V3 Testnet Feedback# Really nice experience but there's still work to be done

Very cool experience so far. Love how nice the UI/UX feels. That being said, the website does seem to delay a fair amount and so do the transactions, for now anyway. When I was depositing my ETH, the transaction confirmed on etherscan but would not show up on my L2 wallet for another good long while even after refreshing the page a couple of times.

That being said this is probably the nicest and sleekest looking L2 DEX that I’ve seen so far, especially a zk rollup based one. Experience was fast and cheap, as well (not that testnet actually costs anything).
Keep up the good work, I really look forward to this one.

The swap itself is also absolutely flawless by the way. I do wish it had a bit of a nicer UI than the generic “uniswap-like” design though, but orderbook DEXes with limit orders have spoiled me, I suppose. Nonetheless, the speed and cheapness of the transactions were more than enough for me to like it. One thing I’m a little unclear on is if we will be able to bridge and add any token LP we want once mainnet goes live or if those things will be limited by whatever the bridge allows at the time. Might be optimistic to hope for the former though. It is also worth noting that after swapping some of my ETH to USDT, the balance of my USDT was either shown incorrectly or I was shorted some, since when I entered it into a swap to buy another token the max button was short of the quantity it should have been and after completing I had none left.

One thing that I did not care for much is that you have to sign to unlock the wallet EVERY TIME you use it. Even if all you did was refresh the screen, you have to unlock it again. Seems redundant and unnecessary. It’d be nice if there was at least some timeframe before that unlock resets

Selling my NFT in the NFT mall also felt pretty good. It was very easy and simplistic to set up and complete HOWEVER it also felt like I was very limited in my options. No option to set up an auction, a minimum purchase price, messages, or reserve prices from what I could tell. Those options are very useful in current NFT marketplaces, so that could be a consideration to implement before official release, if it is not already being done.

Also worth noting that the ZKS faucet never seemed to send me my ZKS. And if I do receive it it will have been significantly delayed at least by the time of typing this.

My tweet: https://twitter.com/CireSomething/status/1467005281041268737?s=20

My L2 address: 0xacEa6782cb250B9deCa215Dcc8e3791d96cF5e12